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Personality and Beyond

The Quest Woodcut

Links checked: October 22nd 2022

The title "Personality and Beyond" has been inspired by Gurdjieff and more especially and foremost by Osho.

Gurdjieff emphasised that in the quest for more spirituality, personality of necessity has to become passive.

Osho often spoke on the subject of No-mind, which is beyond mind, and meditation is the key. To go beyond mind is to go beyond personality and in Osho′s understanding: all that is valuable flows towards a person who is nobody.

Osho and Gurdjief′s fingers have been, and are, pointing to the same Moon. See in this regard Osho′s statements about Fourth Way books, especially those about Maurice Nicoll′s Commentaries.

In a way Osho adopted "The Work", as Gurdjieff′s system is called, as his own, but with a twist.

Ramana Maharshi is another master mentioned in this website, because he′s drawn attention to a well-known meditation of an all encompassing set of 112 methods Osho talks about, the ′Who am I?′ enquiry; this self-enquiry helped Osho tremendously prior to his enlightenment.

Jiddu Krishnamurti recommends yet another of these 112 meditations from The Book of Secrets: ′choiceless awareness′.

This doesn′t imply that ′self-remembering′, ′choiceless awareness′ nor ′who am I?′ for that matter are in any way more important than the other 109 techniques. Read The Book of Secrets and choose the one that strikes YOU.

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