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An Eternal Journey

Eternal Journey

Coming to me is a long journey. Many times you will feel that you have come and again I will make you aware that it is yet to happen; it is always ′yet′. One is arriving and arriving and one never arrives. But that′s the beauty of it - it is an eternal growth - and once you have understood, the goal-oriented mind disappears. Then the journey itself is bliss. Not that you are going somewhere, not that somewhere else is heaven: there is nowhere else, there is no there-then. It is all here and it is all now.
But still one grows - not in the future; one grows in the present, one goes deeper and deeper into the present. The growth is of a depth, not of extension... and there is no end to it, because inside we are an infinite abyss. We go on falling and falling and falling and the bottom never arrives. The bottom exists not.
The day we understand that - that there is no goal - there is great freedom. One is liberated: in being liberated from the goal, one is liberated. That′s what I mean by salvation. Now you don′t work for any goal. You work to be celebrating here.

(Osho - The Further Shore #8)