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A Modern Parable

By Bob Dylan

record cover

The songwriter, Bob Dylan, gives us a modern parable that expresses quite well what I wish to say to you. On the backside of his album, John Wesley Harding, we read of three kings who visit a man named Frank.
The first king explains their mission to Frank: "Mr. Dylan has come out with a new record. This record, of course, feature's none but his own songs, and we understand that you are the key."
"That's right," said Frank, "I am."
"Well then," said the king in a bit of excitement, "could you please open it up for us?"
Frank, who all this time had been reclining with his eyes closed, suddenly opened them both as wide as a tiger. "And just how far would you like to go in?" he asked.
The chief of the kings replied, "Not too far, but just enough so we can say that we have been there."
Even when people are seeking God, they want only to go this far - so that they can say to the world that they have seen Him. But they don't want to go far enough - because if you go far enough into God, you never come back. They don't want to take another step - because if you go deep, then there comes a point of no return. They only want to go a little bit, so that they can come back into the world and say to people that, "We have seen God also." But their whole interest is in the world and the respectability that the world can give to them. They have a big bank balance, they have a big palace today; now they even possess God in their homes.
This parable is beautiful.

(Osho - The Beloved, vol. 2 #1)