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Confusion is My Method

At times you seem to intend to confuse us about love and meditation. Sometimes you stress the ultimate futility of love but on other occasions you pronounce meditation as being useless. And sometimes you say both love and meditation are fundamental paths of enlightenment.

The questioner says, ′At times you seem to intend to confuse us′. No, you have not listened to me well. I am always confusing, not only at times. Confusion is my method!

What I am trying to do by confusing you is to uproot you from your mind. I would not like you to have any roots in the mind in the name of love or in the name of meditation or in the name of God. Your mind is very cunning. It can thrive on anything; on meditation, on love, it can thrive. The moment I see that your mind is thriving on anything, I immediately have to uproot you from it. My whole effort is to create a no-mind state in you. I am not here to convince you about anything. I am not here to give you a dogma, a creed to live by. I am here to take all creeds away from you because only then will life happen to you. I am not giving you anything to live by, I am simply taking all props away from you, all crutches.

The mind is very clever. If you say, ′Drop money′ the mind says, ′Okay. Can I cling to meditation?′ If you say to the mind, ′Renounce the world′ the mind says, ′Okay. Can I now possess spiritual experiences?′ If you say, ′Renounce the world′ the mind says, ′I can renounce the world, but now I will cling to the idea of God.′ And nothing is a greater barrier to God than the idea of God.

The word ′God′ has become a great barrier, the belief in God has become a great barrier. If you want to reach to God you will have to drop all ideas about God, all beliefs about God - Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan. You will have to be absolutely silent, unclinging, not-knowing. In that profound ignorance God reveals himself to you - only in that profound ignorance.

My effort is totally different from your effort. What you are doing here is diametrically opposite to what I am doing here. My effort is to create a profound ignorance in you, so I will have to confuse you. Whenever I see that some knowledge is being gathered, I immediately jump on it and destroy it. By and by you will learn - being close to me you are bound to learn - that it is futile to accumulate because this man will not leave you in peace. If you cling to something he is going to take it away. So what is the point? One day you will simply listen to me, not clinging, not making any belief out of it, not creating a philosophy, a theology out of it - simply listening as you listen to the birds, as you listen to the wind passing through the pines, as you listen to the river rushing towards the ocean, as you listen to the wild roar of the ocean waves. Then you don′t create a philosophy, you simply listen.

Let me be a wild ocean roaring in front of you, or a wind passing through the trees, or birds singing in the morning. I am not a philosopher, I am not imparting knowledge to you. I am trying to point to something which is beyond knowledge.

So the moment I see that you are nodding, the moment I see that you are saying, ′Yes, this is true′, the moment I see that you are accumulating something, immediately I have to jump upon it and contradict it to confuse you. Confusion is my method, I am doing it all the time.

(Osho - The Art of Dying #2)