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A Powerful Way to Liberate You from Addictions

Very soon hypnosis is going to be one of the most important sciences to be developed, because man′s mind is in such a tension, in so much misery, in so much anguish that he has to use alcohol, marijuana, hashish, opium and all kinds of drugs just to forget, just to get rid of all the anxieties although he knows it is only temporary. Tomorrow when he wakes up all those anxieties will be waiting at the door; they have not gone anywhere. Hypnosis can transform you very easily without any drugs.

There are people who are suffering from smoking - they don′t want to smoke but they are addicted. They go through a torture. They know perfectly well that it is harmful, they are killing themselves, but no wise counseling can be of any help. They know all that you are saying: that it will destroy your health, your lungs may go wrong, you may get tuberculosis, you may even get cancer, and certainly you will die at least two or three years earlier. Everybody knows it, but still the addiction is there.

Hypnosis is so simple. In three weeks′ time, just a three-week course, one hour every day - and your smoking disappears. Just for three weeks, one hour a day, you have to be told, "You don′t need cigarettes, and you don′t need smoking." There is no need for somebody to tell you, you can just keep a tape recorder by your side. Just record the first session with a hypnotist - and a hypnotist is not a magician, he is a scientist, and what he is doing is a simple method. So just record the first session, and then every time you want, every day, you simply use the recorded session. And within three weeks you will be free of all addiction to smoking or alcohol or anything else.

Hypnosis has not yet been used. It is a tremendously powerful instrument to improve man - his consciousness, his body - in every possible way.

(Osho - The Sword and the Lotus #10)