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Love is Beyond Time & Space

beyond time and space

If I am in your heart, there is no way to go away from me. You can go away from my physical presence, but my physical presence is no longer significant if you are feeling my presence in your heart already.
You have become aware of my spiritual presence. The physical presence is only a triggering point... if it can lead you to the spiritual presence, its work is done. Now I will be beating in your heart wherever you are, it does not matter whether you are here or on a faraway planet.
Love is the only phenomenon which destroys space, distance, time.
The chemistry of love has not been understood yet. The physicists are concerned about space and time, and they have not yet come to the point of understanding that there is something more in existence, where time and space both disappear.
Love is a phenomenon which knows no time, space, distance. Perhaps science will never be able to understand it. Perhaps it is beyond the scope of science. But it is not beyond the scope of poetry, of religion. It is not beyond the scope of meditation.
It is not beyond the scope of every individual who is ready to dissolve himself into love. Science then remains a faraway echo, and love becomes the only reality...
Love cannot be proved. It can be only be experienced.
And in love, all that consists of space and time appears to be made of the same stuff as dreams are made of. It is not an argument, not a philosophy.
You can sit close to a person, your bodies are touching and yet you can be hundreds of miles away from each other.
And you can be hundreds of miles distant from each other, and yet love can bring you so close that you can melt into each other.
So remember: if you feel me in your heart, then I am coming with you. wherever you go, I am coming with you - and without a ticket! - because they have not yet found a way to know whether a person is traveling with someone hiding in his heart.

(Osho - Beyond Enlightenment #21)