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Meditations Are Not Fun

A sannyasin says that he is feeling much turmoil and pain in his third eye when he is doing certain meditations or exercises. Osho tells him to stop the exercises that are provoking the pain.

One should be alert about what one is doing and what is happening. You must be doing many things. There is no need to do many meditations because you can do confusing things, contradictory things, and then pain will arise.
Choose two meditations and stick to them. In fact I would like you to choose one; that would be the best. It is better to repeat one that suits you, many times. Then it will go deeper and deeper. You are trying many things - one day one thing, another day another thing. And you are inventing your own, so you can create many confusions.
In the book of Tantra there are one hundred and twelve meditations. You can go crazy. You are already crazy! [laughter] Just do two for a few days and then tell me. And don′t invent your own.
No, meditations are not fun. They can sometimes be dangerous. You are playing with a subtle, a very subtle mechanism of the mind. Sometimes a small thing that you were not aware you were doing can become dangerous.
For example, I told a couple to sit in front of each other and to look into each other′s left eye. They thought, ′What is wrong with trying the right eye?′ They tried and both had terrific headaches. And they never told me that they were trying it with the right eye !
If you look into the left eye it is good, because the left eye is connected with the right brain, and the right brain is the meditative part of your brain. But if you look into the right eye, it is connected with the left brain and that is for reason, thinking, the scientific brain and it can create trouble.
So never try to invent, and don′t make your own hotch-potch meditation. Choose two and just try them for a few weeks. Even if you are tempted to do others, don′t. And then tell me. This pain will go.

(Osho - The Cypress in the Courtyard #12)


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