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Mind is a Prism

prism dividing light in seven colours

Thinking is always divisive, it divides. Thinking is like a prism, yes, mind is like a prism: a pure white ray enters into the prism and is divided into seven colors - a rainbow is born. The world is a rainbow. Through the mind, through the prism of the mind, one single ray of light, one single ray of truth enters, and becomes a rainbow, a false thing - the world is a false thing.
The mind divides. It cannot see the whole; it always thinks in terms of duality. Mind is dualistic. Or, mind is dialectical: it thinks in terms of thesis, antithesis. The moment you talk about love, hate is present. The moment you talk about compassion, anger is present. The moment you talk about greed, the opposite is present, charity is present. Talk about charity and greed is present - they go together, they come in one package; they are not separate. But the mind continuously creates that.
You say 'beautiful' and you have said 'ugly' too. How can you say 'beautiful' if you don't know what ugliness is? You have divided. Say 'divine' and you have divided - you have said 'profane'. Say 'God' and you have proposed a Devil too. How can you say 'God' without a Devil there? They go together.
Mind divides, and reality is one, indivisibly one. Then what to do? Mind has to be put aside. Don't look through the prism. Push away the prism and let the white light, the oneness of existence penetrate your being.

(Osho - The Tantra Vision, vol.1 #9)