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Barack Obama′s Mahabote Chart

barack obama


Mahabote is an astrological method of analysis that originated in Burma. Burmese Buddhists use it all the time. In Thailand a modified version is in vogue.
In Mahabote calculations are done with the day and year of birth only; no time of birth is necessary. It is much simpler than Western or Vedic astrology, and Mahabote charts offer less, but yet often striking detail. Probably due to its simplicity, in Burma it is called "The Little Key".
Mahabote can profitably be used in addition to Western or Vedic astrology, as it then helps to shed light on the dynamics of a Western or Vedic astrological chart and promotes ease of interpretation. But it can also be used on its own.
If you are interested in astrology, but daunted by the learning curve of major astrological systems, due to their many features and the overload of detail these systems provide, Mahabote may just be what you′ve always been looking for...

There are (at least) two websites where theory and an online course are offered:

A Few Remarks

Mahabote uses a square chart:

empty mahabote chart

There are seven houses:

  1. Impermanence
  2. Extremity
  3. Fame
  4. Wealth
  5. Kingly Position
  6. Sickly/Change
  7. Leader

And there are eight planets:

  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Mars
  4. Mercury
  5. Jupiter
  6. Venus
  7. Saturn
  8. Rahu (Moon′s North Node)


Obama′s Chart

Here is the distribution of the planets over the seven houses for Barack Obama, based on his birth-certificate:

barack obama's mahabote chart

The Sun

His father is represented by the Sun and this planet is positioned in the House of Sickly or Change. "Sickly" means trouble of some kind; "Change" in his case would indicate he had different fathers (a father and a stepfather). The father, and stepfather for that matter, has not been a source of happiness, having left him and his mother behind when Barack was still a child. Trouble with the father while growing up can lead to a lack of self–confidence later in life. From what I have seen, lack of self–confidence is not apparent in Obama′s behaviour; I would say this is due to his birth planet Venus in the House of Fame: his energy is outgoing, so he′s not particularly inclined to look inside. Also, the House of Fame doesn′t touch the Sun′s house (the House of Sickly), so there′s no contact between his birth–given centre of gravity and what′s represented by the Sun.
The Sun in the House of Sickly/Change will help Obama in not wanting to be first and central; he will rather be inclined to feel modest in the company of others, or to put others′ interests first, or at least to lend them an interested ear.

The Moon

The House of Wealth brings a sense of satisfaction as regards any attributes represented by the planet located there.
The Moon represents the family, the mother and a climate of protection and nurturing. Centrally placed in the House of Wealth, it enables Obama to care for people and the environment and to protect them. His family is all–important to him. His mother has also been very important to him; she is central to his life so to speak. With "wealth" not just meaning "monetary gain", it′s clear that his mother has been all important for his inner well–being and focus.
His mother was an anthropologist with a keen interest in the fortunes and doings of foreign cultures. Her influence makes Barack feel interested as well in the welfare and good interrelations of different cultures, nations and social classes. The Moon in the House of Wealth means that Obama feels most comfortable in a safe, peaceful and familiar setting.


Mars is in the House of Extremity, located immediately below Venus in the House of Fame. Any energy there works out in an extreme mode: all or nothing. Venus, his birth planet, is a friend of Mars. If you′ll ever study Mahabote, you′ll know that in Obama′s chart, there is a supportive link between Mars, Venus and Mercury. Therefore, because of Venus′ friendship, his Martian energy will at times very readily come out, and this not only in a sexual sense. Venus represents freedom, and if Obama is provoked, cornered, his sense of freedom threatened in any way, his Martian energy can forcibly come up, making him assertive to the extreme; his Mars may then prove to be a stronger driving force than Mercury, the planet in the Leader House. It is presumed that politicians of foreign countries will test the political skills of the supposed inexperienced newly elected US–President Obama, but it seems to me that they will discover he may be kind but not a softy.
Venus located above Mars will ensure aggression won′t get out of hand though.
Mars linked to Mercury will make him a combative debater. His optimism (Venus) and debating skills (Mars and Mercury combined) enabled him to parry the many often vicious attacks we′ve seen aimed at his person during the primaries of the 2008 presidential election.


Mercury is on top of the chart, in the Leader House, showing that Mercury is the energy motivating him most, so dialogue and discussion are top priorities; also, he is witty and adaptable, capable of covering a lot of ground fast.
Mercury represents children, so his children, and children in general, are a major source of inspiration to him.
In the Mahabote system, Venus and Mercury are friends, so these energies will reinforce each other, giving him a sense and appreciation of beauty and harmony; he has a good–natured, freedom–loving, balanced kind of mind.
Because of Venus′ friendship with Mercury, his intellectual capacity is good and he is an eloquent speaker.


Should Obama ever become aware of a dark veil over his self–confidence, suggested by the Sun in the House of Sickly, this veil may well be lifted by Jupiter. Jupiter is placed on top of the Sun, in the House of Kingly Position (the House of Desires and Goals); it indicates that Jupiter controls the Sun, uplifting the Sun as it were, making the Sun′s expression more positive (Jupiter and the Sun are friends). Jupiter represents friends and advisors, so if Barack is surrounded by these kind of people, it will assist him a lot in the exercise of his presidential duties.
Barack has become a lawyer and a senator, and as president–elect he will be a lawmaker – all Jupiterian professions and acts – so these are all supportive to the positive quality of expression of his Sun. If he strives to be a wise advisor himself and a source of inspiration to his people – both Jupiterian traits – any lack of self–confidence coming from a blemished Sun, will be compensated for and remedied.


Venus is emphasised in the chart, because Barack was born on a Friday (Venus–day), and his birth-planet is therefore Venus. Venus is in Obama′s 3th House of Fame, so key to his best reputation is extended education.
The House of Fame tells us how he appears to the outside world. It shows how he comes across and how people see him; Venus placed there indicates that he′s optimistic, kind, considerate, elegant, well–groomed, good–looking, and attractive. He has a sense of elegance about him.
His birth into the House of Fame shows that he is in for prominence of some sort, that he is naturally courageous and ambitious and that he will win through with work and hard effort.
He will show to others independent behaviour and will not allow others to restrict his sense of freedom.


The House of Impermanence makes any planet situated there unreliable. Saturn stands for methodical hard work, duty, tradition. We have seen that Barack Obama loves freedom due to Venus′ influence, hence Saturn′s call for duty and discipline may prove too much of a drag at times.
He has already shown not to be very traditional, being the first black US–President. Saturn in the House of Impermanence promises more unconventional acts (see first note below).
As to Saturn representing subordinates, perhaps there will be disagreements with members of his staff later on. Or perhaps people of the poorer, lower strata of society will perceive him as too elitist and oppose him.

(Written by Satrakshita (09 Nov 2008)