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Osho Teerth Kuchwada

Kuchwada is the village of birth of Osho (Teerth or Tirth means ′place of pilgrimage′)

The village is situated on the Jabalpur-Bhopal road. A newly constructed pyramidically shaped meditation temple is the main attraction of this place.

Osho′s grandparents house in Kuchwada Village,
his birthplace:

osho grandparents house

Osho′s birthplace, distant view:

osho grandparents house distant view

Room where Osho was born:
(with a picture of his mother, Ma Amrit Saraswati)

osho birth room

Next room:

room next to osho's birth room

Main entrance:

main entrance to osho's grandparents house

Main entrance, closer view:

main entrance osho's grandparents house closer view

First floor room:

osho grandparents house first floor

First floor room, closer view:

osho grandparents house first floor closer view

First floor, passage:

osho grandparents house first floor passage


stairs in osho's grandparents house

The Maulshree Tree of Osho′s Enlightenment:
(Jabalpur, India)

maulshree tree in osho's birtplace

The Torii Entrance to Osho Tirth, and the Buddha Hall Pyramid:

torii entrance to osho tirth meditation centre

(A torii is a traditional Japanese gate commonly found at the entry to a Shinto shrine, although it can be found at Buddhist temples as well.)

Kuchwada with Osho Tirth Meditation Center:
(Click on below picture to see a larger view)

bird eye view of osho's birth place

Sarovara′s Osho Dhyan Yatra 2006
A Spiritual Travel Journal
(Dhyan = Meditation, Yatra = Travel or Pilgrimage)


Osho house At Oshoteerth, Kuchwada, MP, India
Oshoteerth Musical Night
Library of Osho books At Oshoteerth, Kuchwada, MP, India