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Osho - His First Sannyasins

first sannyasins

On 26 September, 1970 Osho started his Neo-Sannyas movement in Manali, India. Above is the photo of first rebels who took Sannyas from Osho:

A. Ma Laxmi

Osho′s first secretary; she found the location where the current Osho Puna resort is situated.
Read Laxmi′s biography (online or right-click and save link/target as).

B. Ma Dharam Jyoti

She regularly conducts meditation camps at Oshodham and Osho Nisarga. She has written a small book containing 100 stories about the time she spend with Osho, appropriately called One Hundred Tales for Ten Thousand Buddhas. It can be read online here.

L. Swami Chaitanya Bharti

He conducts meditation camps in India and is presently busy founding an Ashram in Mysore. His website: DhyanLeela. He is one of few people who have announced their enlightenment. He was the first one to leave the Osho Puna Ashram in 1992 over the controversies surrounding the Ashram's management.

M. Ma Anand Madhu

She is said to prefer spending time in isolation at Haridwar, North-India, not interacting with anyone, preferring to live in silence.

N. Swami Yog Chinmaya

He also prefers to live in solitude, keeping far from the limelight. He has an Ashram at Bagheswar in India. Swami Yog Chinmaya has a yoga background and had a small following when he started listening to Osho. Over time Swami Yog Chinmaya put a few intellectual questions to Osho and was consequently hammered by Osho for his seriousness.

O. Swami Govind Sidharth

Govind Sidarth aka Jayendra Lashkari currently (2013) lives in Powai, Mumbai and is 87 years old.