Osho Heralding the New

Osho smiling

I am not teaching you Eastern religion. I am not teaching you Indian religion. I am teaching you a far advanced religion that belongs to the future, not to the past. That′s why India is not very happy with me.
They would like me to teach you their religion, their poverty; they would like you to be taught some kind of Indian-ness by me. They are angry at me. They are happy with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. They are not happy with me; they cannot be - because I don′t give you their tradition. I am not here to perpetuate any past; I am here to herald the new, the future.
And one cannot go backwards, one can only go ahead. Going backwards is regression. Going backwards is just a consolation - it is not going to help, it will not give you growth. Growth is possible: go on, go ahead! You have become affluent, you are rich; now the problem has arisen. You have achieved what you wanted to achieve; and now it is proved to your heart′s desire, your heart′s content, that it is futile.
Now go ahead! Now become more mature. Now see the futility of immature desires. Now see the futility of the immature games that you have been playing with your life. Now move inwards. Now penetrate your innermost core. There is no need to go to any backward culture.
Remember, I only happen to be here in India, because I have to be somewhere. I only happen to be here. When you come to me, you are not coming to India - because I don′t represent India, I represent a global future. I am not confined by Indian ideas, concepts, boundaries. My vision is of the future: you have to go ahead. Materially you have become rich; now you have to become rich spiritually.
I respect richness in all its aspects - even the material richness, because that helps you to go towards spiritual richness. I don′t praise poverty in any way, neither outer nor inner. I am all for richness. Be rich materially, so that one day you are finished with that dream, and your energies can move unhindered towards inner richness.
Yes, the inner world is the kingdom of God. It is a kingdom - you have to become kings, emperors. Unless you have become a God in your innermost kingdom, you will remain unfulfilled.
Now this has to be understood very clearly. There are two possibilities. When you listen to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, you are listening to the past. He says he is bringing the message, the ancient message of the Hindus, taught in the Vedas; and he is coming directly from the Himalayas. I have never been interested in Himalayas, I am not interested in Vedas, and I am not interested in any ancient message - that is all childish, juvenile. The old and the told has to be forgotten.
I am giving you a new insight into religion. You need not be poor to be religious - in fact, you cannot be religious unless you are rich. A totally different kind of religion will arise for the first time in the world: the religion of the affluent people - those who have all that they need. And because they have all, they know it is futile.

(Osho - The Revolution #4)