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Osho Illumination Therapy

Osho Times December 2007

Interview with Devageet


The OSHO Multiversity is offering the new OSHO Illumination Therapy Training featuring Transomatic Illumination Gestalt Therapy . This new approach to self-healing and transformation aims to bring repressed, emotion-bound, core memories from unconsciousness to consciousness. This effectively resolves unconscious wounds and liberates awareness to go to the meditative depth where authentic transformation happens.

We asked Devageet, the creator of the training, to tell us how it evolved.

In the five years that I have been giving the Transomatic Dialogues Training, I have developed exciting new ways to extend and expand the Transomatic approach. The new training is an expanded palette of tools for transformation which include the use of Light-as-color, AUM chanting, Catalytic Awareness, and visualization.
The aim of the original training was to teach the Transomatic approach for healing up to a level of clinical practice, and there are now certified Transomatic practitioners in several countries. But from the outset I wanted to create a wider-angled approach to healing, one that focused more on self-transformation. The new training raises precision awareness as the sword of light that cuts through to the bedrock of unconscious, emotion-bound memories that are not only the core of physical and emotional disease, but are also barriers to deeper meditation.
Transomatic Dialogue is popular in the Meditation Resort. The Transomatic approach works with amazing speed to restore the individual’s original harmony and balance, and this in turn enables their meditation to go deeper than ever before.

You were a dentist. How did you move from that into this way of working?

It is the outcome of personal guidance from Osho. A few weeks before he left his physical body, Osho called me for a midnight dental session in the new dental room. Osho described how he had "gone into" his teeth because of the intense pain he was suffering. He told me that he had discovered that all human teeth are archives containing ancient memories back to the beginning of evolution.
After working with the teeth according to Osho’s insight, I discovered that not only the teeth but the whole body acts as a memory storage archive. Crystals can store information, as we all know from our computer chips. Information appears to be stored in the body’s crystalline structures, with the teeth containing the most ancient information.

How do you get the body to reveal these memories? And how do you work with them?

I used to be a dentist and I still only like using tools that do the job they are intended for, quickly and precisely. I use Light-as-color, Transomatic Dialogue, Transomatic Trance (deep relaxation with catalytic, precision awareness) and AUM chanting. These tools, used within the framework of OSHO meditations, along with feeling-sense-awareness and dialogue allow the body itself to speak, to reveal and heal. I have found that once the causes of dysfunction are removed, the body-mind is a self-healing energy field capable of restoring its original function.
Light-as-color helps the person to access repressed core memories stored in the body. As I remember, Osho says, "Memories seem to be color-coded in the mind."
Transomatic Trance is a specialized state of precision-awareness hypnosis that enables the individual’s own voice and their own awareness to express and dialogue with the contents of their core memories. The method – by enabling direct dialogue with the subconscious, the unconscious and the superconscious – facilitates a shift into a new level of consciousness.
The Transomatic Illumination Gestalt Training aims to demonstrate, teach, practice and apply effective methods of self-healing and self transformation. It aims to show people how to use awareness as the catalyst for their healing and spiritual growth.

The following extracts are from the talks, given to him by Osho, about the therapies Devageet would later develop. When he asked Osho if he should make notes, Osho replied, "No, Devageet, you will remember."

It is of great significance for every meditator to bring to their consciousness all that is unconscious. Only meditation can do that miracle. There is no other way. Without meditation no transformation can happen. Without meditation everything is mind.

Most meditators cannot go to the depth where authentic transformation is possible; for that one needs to break through the biological bondage. Bringing to awareness the ancient-most memories stored in the body prepares the body to withstand the intense vibrations of higher consciousness. Releasing the memories held in the teeth will also enable meditation and awareness to reach the depths where authentic transformation can happen.

The whole body contains memories but the ancient-most memories are stored in the teeth, memories that go back to the beginning of human evolution.

Human evolution is not the evolution of Darwin’s theory; real evolution is that immensely long journey of human consciousness developing and evolving through many lives in many forms.

I have read all the esoteric books and nowhere have I seen it said that the teeth contain memories. Maybe this valuable insight has been revealed to me now because humanity seems to be intent on global suicide.

Most therapies do not touch the real depths of consciousness; they are not arising out of meditation but from psychology. Even the best therapies are to only help people adjust their ego to be more integrated with daily living. Some daring therapists have gone into human past lives, but they too are not meditators and they miss the point, the significance, of that which is beyond the body.

Memories of human past lives are only the most superficial layer, the thinnest layer of human unconscious: the personal unconscious mind. In order to break through the barrier of biological bondage, a meditator needs to penetrate the depths of the human collective unconscious mind; it is ten times bigger.

Psychologists have confused everybody. C.G.Jung first used the term collective unconscious mind, but what he spoke of was not the true human collective unconscious – merely ancient myths and legends from primitive times. The true human collective unconscious mind is mankind’s genetic inheritance from four million years of biological evolution. It is written in the genes of every human cell.

Unless a meditator can bring awareness to this depth, authentic transformation is not possible. Before this level it is all simply mind stuff.

The old bullock-cart methods of meditation are too slow for this humanity to save itself from global suicide. They take many lives dedicated to meditation before penetrating into the human collective. Few individuals can go to that depth. Such people are rare, and we do not have the time. Humanity needs living enlightened people now, and it may already be too late.

Devageet, you will find a way to help people bring the ancient unconscious memories in their teeth to consciousness. This will help their meditation reach to the level where their awareness can penetrate beyond the depths of biology, and then authentic transformation becomes possible; and it will strengthen the physical body to withstand the energetic effects of higher consciousness.

But remember, no therapy can make anybody enlightened. The most that even the very best therapies can do is to remove the barriers to meditation. The barriers to deep meditation lie within the abysmal depths of the human unconscious mind.

(Osho, as remembered by Devageet)