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Nine Sutras

In this newly published translation from a series of Hindi discourses, Osho defines his own "Nine Sutras" of neo-yoga. Opening boundless new dimensions to the meaning and significance of the word yoga, he illuminates its vast scope and takes us way beyond what may well be our limited and limiting understanding of it. Using modern scientific knowledge to help us experiment with and experience our inner world, Osho gives us an in-depth introduction to his famous Dynamic meditation and takes us on a timeless journey into the beyond, home to ourselves.


When it first appeared in October 1970 the book was titled Sun Of Consciousness.

Osho's nine sutras are:

  1. Life is energy.

  2. There are two dimensions of energy, one is existence, the other nonexistence.

  3. Existence has two forms. One we call conscious, the other we call unconscious.

  4. In the universe nothing is unrelated. Everything is relative, the world is a family. Here all is joined together, here nothing is separate.

  5. What is in the atom, is in the whole; what is in the micro, is in the macro; what is in the smallest, is in the biggest; what is in the drop, is in the ocean.

  6. It is not that all that appears tiny is only a receiver, a beggar, and all that appears immensely vast is only a giver. It is not so. Giving and receiving, the beggar and the emperor are simultaneously there in all.

  7. Consciousness also has dimensions: self-conscious and self-unconscious; a consciousness that is aware of its being and a consciousness that is not aware of its being.

  8. Yoga begins from self consciousness and ends in dissolution of self. To be self conscious is the way, to become free from self is the goal.

  9. Death too is life, death too is energy, death too is the divine. And one who knows death too as the divine attains to enlightenment.

These nine sutras I said to you in these four days. Not because your knowledge may increase. Not because you may become more knowledgeable. You are already very knowledgeable, you all are. Nothing will be achieved by making any addition to this knowledge of so many lives. I said these sutras to you, not to increase your knowledge, but to take away your knowledge from you. I have not said these sutras so that you may get some doctrines and become dependent on them. You already have many doctrines and many scriptures to depend on and if you had saved yourself from those, even then you might have been saved. You will not be saved by being dependent on these few words of mine. All the doctrines, all the scriptures, all the words become a burden on your head and drown you. I have not said these things so that you become dependent on them. I said these things to you so that you become aware of your helplessness. I have not said these things to you because I think that you may understand them by my telling them to you, I do not think that at all. I do not do such foolish things. If you had been able to understand just by my saying it then it would have been very easy, one man would have made you understand. And till now the whole world would have become wise. But Buddha became tired and died, Krishna became tired and died, Jesus became tired and died, Mahavir became tired and died, but the world's ignorance did not improve an inch. That is why I do not think that anything will happen now by understanding. Then why did I say these things to you? I said these things to you so that even if you start doubting your intellect even a little bit, then it is enough. If you become a little doubtful and if you start doubting your intellect a little bit, then it is enough. I said these things to you so that you understand that understanding is not enough.

(Osho - Nine Sutras)