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Osho on Nostradamus

You do have some faith in the prophecies of Nostradamus. Is that correct?

I don't have any faith in him. The fact is that the man was crazy, and what he has written can be interpreted in any way you want. I found this rational analysis and managed to look into Nostradamus, and found similarities, which was very easy. There are many books of that kind in the world.
In India there is an ancient scripture thought to be written by Vyasa himself, five thousand years ago. Everything about you is written in it. You just have to go to the priest, you have to give your name, your birth time, your birth chart, and he will figure it out and find the right page where Vyasa has described you. And it is possible because in the Sanskrit language, each word has at least one dozen meanings. So looking at you, watching you, talking with you, the scholar will figure it out, and he will start reading from the scripture. And he will be very much correct.
Copies of the scripture exist all over India; so you have it done in Delhi but if you are not satisfied - who knows if it is right or wrong? - you can go to Madras or Calcutta, and they will find the same page again. And because in the process of finding the page the clue is given by you, you can just change your name.... Go to Delhi, tell one name, one date of birth; in Madras, tell another name, another time of birth and you will know what is going on. He will not be able to find the same page. He will find some other page. But ordinarily, the type of people who go will not do this. They are immensely impressed.
Nostradamus can be interpreted in any way you want. The sentences are not clear, the grammar is not correct. The words are such that you can fit them into any context you want.

(Osho - The Last Testament, vol.1 #12)