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Osho Resort Management Reply

OSHO International Meditation Resort responds to press article

Beloved OSHO Center facilitators, Meditation Activity places and Friends,

you may have received mails regarding a press article in an Indian newspaper. Again some people create some rumours, similar to previous ones in the last years. Here is the official response from our press-office to the press:

October 9th. 2011,

Dear Abhay,
Thank you for contacting me regarding the article today in the DNA. I would like to make a point by point response and in addition will mention some highlights regarding expansion of the meditation resort over the years since Osho left his body:

The trustees and management team will continue with best efforts to best support the Osho proposal.

Yours truly,
Amrit Sadhana for the Management Team

One thing is very clear, in the last three years the Managing Team of the Meditation Resort, has put soooo much energy into renovating, security and beautifying the place, that anyone who has a little bit of an idea how things work, cannot seriously belief that this place should be sold.
Everybody coming is in great appreciation of this beautification.
The OSHO Living-In model is appreciated by so many people staying inside the campus.
And we are looking very much forward to having a wonderful winter season, getting ready to receive many people who have already booked for the three way′s of the Living-In program, as well as the OSHO Guesthouse and the Multiversity courses-trainings, especially the meditative therapies trainings and the OSHO Meditation: In-depth and Facilitating training from 6th-12th Jan. 2012.

If you have plans to come, please bring some material from your center with you, as we will provide several opportunities where you can present your place and activities in an "Osho in the World" minifair.

Please don′t hesitate to get back to us, if you have any more questions.

Otherwise we may see you already for the OSHO Winter Festival 2nd-6th December 2011.

With Love,

OSHO GLOBAL CONNECTIONS, 17 Koregaon Park, Pune (MS) 411001, India
Tel: +91-20-6601-9999 Ext. 865 Fax. +91-20-6601-9990

E-mail: Globalosho.net, Online: www.osho.com/GlobalConnections