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Politicians and Dogs not Allowed

It happens sometimes that a politician wants to come, but then he sends 'feelers', he sends people. And those people come and they want me to invite the politician. Why should I invite? All the people come here. Whosoever wants to come here can come here. We are not here to pay special respect to anybody, and to politicians, certainly not. They send messages to me that 'X is ready to come to inaugurate the ashram,' that 'Y is ready to lay the foundation for the new commune.'
I will not allow any politician to lay the foundation of my commune; it will be sacrilegious. I will not allow any politician to come and inaugurate my ashram. Politicians - what have they to do with religion? What do they know about religion? They have the dirtiest vibe possible.
But there were good days also in the past, and great people also.
Listen to this anecdote.
The Emperor came to visit the Zen Master Joshu, who was meditating in his room.
'Tell him to come in and make his bows,' the Master said to his horrified attendant.
The Emperor entered and made his obeisance.
When Joshu was later asked about his rude behaviour, he explained, 'You just don't understand. If a visitor of low class comes, I go to the temple gate to greet him. For a middle class guest I get up from my seat. A great emperor cannot be treated like that.'
The Emperor, of course, had been delighted with his reception.
But those were great days. An emperor was delighted... But these poor politicians, they send messages that they should be received at the gate, garlanded; they should be treated as VIP's. What nonsense! If I even allow you entry, that is enough respect for you. If Sant does not prevent you at the gate, you should feel fortunate enough.
In the new commune, I am going to put a board on the gate: Politicians and dogs are not allowed.

(Osho - The Secrets of Secrets vol. 1 #10)