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The Root Cause of Unhappiness

A sannyasin says:
I feel happy - happier than I have ever been before.

Very good. Now don't lose track of it. It is very difficult to be happy and very easy to be unhappy. People almost always choose the easiest thing - and to be unhappy is very easy. It needs no talent to be unhappy. Have you watched?
To be happy is a great talent. Great intelligence, great awareness - almost a genius is needed to be happy. To be unhappy is nothing. Even stupid people are unhappy. It is nothing.
And it is very easy to be unhappy because the whole mind lives through unhappiness. If you remain happy for a longer time the mind starts disappearing, because there is no connection between happiness and the mind. Happiness is something of the beyond. That's why the mind will create some problems sooner or later. Even when there is no problem, the mind will create them - fantasy problems, out of the blue, to make you unhappy. Once you are unhappy, the mind is happy. You are back on earth then and things start moving in the rut.
The mind is the root cause of unhappiness and whenever you are happy you are mindless. Watch a moment of tremendous happiness. Suddenly there are no thoughts. You are simply happy; not even the thought of unhappiness is there. That too you have to recapture later on. Later on you suddenly realise, 'Ah, so I have been happy for so many minutes without any unhappiness arising, popping up!'
You recapture it only when it has passed. But in a really intense moment of happiness there is no thought. It is pure. It is completely empty of thoughts, so the mind is disturbed very much. It lives through unhappiness. It has a great investment in unhappiness.
So watch that. Once one has learned how to be happy, one should by and by start dropping habits of being unhappy. And they are simply habits, nothing else.
It is unbelievable that people are unhappy just because of habits. There is no causality for being unhappy. The world is absolutely ready to make you happy. Everything is as it should be, but somehow one goes on missing. One goes on living in one's own cloud - dark, dismal. By and by one gets too attached to it. One almost starts liking it. In fact without it, one will feel at a loss as to what to do. People are wed to unhappiness. It is almost like a marriage unknowingly.
So you have found a track; a window has opened. Now don't lose that track. Whenever you see that the mind is arising again with its old tricks, immediately jump out of it. Immediately do something to distract yourself. Even jogging will do. A good jerk to the body will do or slapping your face. Anything that gives a shock just a cold shower or running around the house - anything that simply changes the trend, and you will find that you have regained the track. This is only for a few days.
Once you start living in happiness, once you know the taste of it and it enters deeply into your being, there is no need then. It is simply there.

(Osho - The Cypress in the Courtyard #9)