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Three Stages of Enlightenment

The First Stage

Gautam Buddha is behind you as a shadow. But the shadow is miraculous, the shadow is not dark; the shadow is pure light, pure presence. You can feel the warmth of it, you can almost feel the touch of it. It surrounds you with a new fragrance, and it gives you a totally new dimension to live. Your everyday acts start changing their color, their approach. Your very life becomes meditative.

The Second Stage

The Buddha comes in front of you, and you become the shadow. To be a shadow of the Buddha is a beautiful experience. And the experience goes on becoming deeper and deeper as the shadow disappears.

The Third and Final Stage

I Celebrate Myself

There is no more of you – not even a shadow, only the Buddha is. This isness is the master key to open all the doors of the mysterious existence that surrounds you. Once you have the key, you are the master of your own being. There is nobody above you, there is nobody below you. For the first time you experience a tremendous communion with the whole existence. I call this the only authentic spirituality, the only authentic religiousness.

(Osho - I Celebrate Myself: God Is No Where, Life Is Now Here #2)

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