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Truth Can Only Be Caught

A sage always refuses to teach. The reason? - because truth cannot be taught. The sage is never a teacher. He is a Master, but he is never a teacher.
First, the truth cannot be taught, it can only be caught. You can catch it like an infection from the Master. You can allow yourself to be close to him, and one day you can catch the truth, but it cannot be taught. It is not a kind of information that can be delivered to you, it is an existential experience. You can partake of it but it cannot be given to you. Nobody can give you truth. And I'm not saying that the Master cannot give you truth because he doesn't have it, no. Even if he has it, he cannot give it. It is not a thing and it is not information. It is not knowledge, it is a lived experience - you will have to live in the Master with the Master.
It will happen. In a very mysterious way it happens. Strange are the ways of God. Only untruth can be delivered, truth cannot be delivered. So the sage is never a teacher. This is the difference between a teacher and a Master. He is available to give to you, but the giving is very subtle, the giving is very esoteric, it is very occult, it is very hidden. It cannot be given as scientific knowledge is given to you. You cannot make any education out of it. You cannot put it into words, theories, clear-cut principles. It is so vast. The moment you put it into any principle, you can immediately see that something has disappeared from it; it is no longer alive.
Principles are like photographs. A bird on the wing is one thing. If you take a photograph, the photograph shows the bird on the wing - but it is just a photograph. The bird is no longer flying, everything has stopped. It is not alive.
The bird on the wing is alive. The flower on the tree is alive. My hand in a gesture is a bird on the wing, it is alive. You can have a photograph of it but something very essential will be missing from it. It will be only the outline of the hand; the soul will be missing from it.
So it happens with truth. Truth is aliveness. It is eternal life. The moment you put it into words, you have photographs.
So a sage cannot teach the truth, he can only show you where you can go and see the bird on the wing for yourself. He cannot teach you principles, he can only indicate the way. He cannot inform you about truth, he can only inform you about the methods that can clean your heart, that can clarify your mind, that can subdue your inner turmoil, that can help you to stop your constant inner talk so that you are in a silent state of mind and you can see truth - because truth is all around, just the silence of the mind is needed. The Master cannot teach you but he can inspire you. The Master cannot teach you but he can invoke you. The Master cannot teach you but he can invite you. A Master is a finger pointing to the moon.

(Osho - Sufis: The People of the Path, volume 2 #15)

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