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Osho, why does everyone here understand you in his own way?

osho walking

It is just natural - Tathata. How can it be otherwise? Everybody has to understand me in his own way, because everybody has a mind - and right now the understanding is happening through the mind. When mind disappears then of course everybody will understand in my way. Then there will be no problem, then there will be no question. Then there will be no need for me to say anything - I will be sitting in silence, you will be sitting in silence, and we will enjoy silence; there will be communion, a heart-to-heart communion.
But right now you have minds and there is no other way for me to communicate with you. And one has to accept this: that when you are communicating with minds you have to accept that they will understand differently, they will understand in their own way. It is natural that people should understand differently - people have different minds.

Julius: "How many Commandments are there?"
Julia: "Ten."
Julius: "What would happen if you, err, well, if you broke one of them?"
Julia: "So, there'd be nine!"

On Mother's Day her husband presented her with a beautiful skunk coat.
"I can't see how such a beautiful coat comes from such a foul-smelling beast," said the mother.
"I don't ask for thanks, dear," replied the husband, "but I do demand respect."

An Italian calls Alitalia's office and is answered by the office boy.
"Please, sir, is-a that-a the Alitalia office?"
"Yes," answers the boy.
"Can you tell-a me how long-a it takes from Roma to Poona?"
"Just a minute, sir."
"Thank-a-you!" answers the Italian and hangs up.

"Have you ever been bedridden?" the new doctor asked Mrs Longo.
"Sure I have. And I've been screwed lots-a other ways, too," the lady said proudly.

"What do you want for your birthday, son?" the indulgent Italian father asked his kid.
"I want-a watch," the kid said.
Shrugged the father, "If it's all right with your mother, it's okay by me."

During an official ceremony in a European country, the Brazilian ambassador is in a carriage with the Queen of England when suddenly the horse farts noisily.
Very embarrassed, the Queen apologizes, "I'm very sorry, Ambassador."
"It was nothing, Your Majesty, it happens. Mind you, I even thought it was the horse!"

(Osho - Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen #10)