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I Saw You

I saw you
Your shadow after lunch
Your little white shadow
slipping right through my burning heart

Where are you going?
I come
Yes, I want to come
Just come
Where are we going?

I know not how to walk
I am ashamed of crawling after you
I know not
I guard your wake
And sleep
I guard your day and night
But it is you who takes care of me

I can offer only my body
I will give it
So you can sleep and wake
You offer your being
And I am blind
Tears of pain and joy come to my blind eyes
Burning through my heart on their way to you
Where can we meet?

Let me settle it to you
So I can heal my burns
I can′t
Those few steps seem like the path to eternity
I will make it
I have to heal
The path is healing me
If only I would not hurt myself again and again

(Poem dedicated to Osho by Vimarkirti)