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Walking as if Drunk

Beloved Osho,
The way you walk, it seems as if you are drunk. What is the truth?

Man, I am drunk! But not drunk with ordinary alcohol, marijuana, hashish, opium, LSD. I grow my own marijuana within me. No government can interfere with it. My source of drunkenness is my silence, my love, my centeredness, my rootedness in myself. Yes, I walk like a drunkard because I am a drunkard. You have observed truly.
Once you know the inner serenity, a gap between you and your body arises, a gap between you and your mind arises. That creates my wobbly walking. Nothing can be done about it. It is not a medical question, it is natural to anyone who is enlightened.
Mostly enlightened people die immediately after enlightenment, for the simply reason that they cannot manage any connection with their body and mind. It is very rare that somebody goes on living after enlightenment. But one has to compromise.
That wobbling is the compromise.

(Osho - From the False to the Truth #23)

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