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White Robe Brotherhood Meetings

reverend tamo san Reverend Ryoju Kikuchi, a Japanese woman also known as Tamo-san, visited Pune and on the 29th of November 1989, during the meeting of the White Robe Brotherhood in Buddha Hall, Osho showered rose petals on her, acknowledging her enlightenment. Osho also gave her a copy of The Zen Manifesto, with a certificate which read, "I, Osho, as a buddha in my own right, recognise and rejoice in your enlightenment. I know, and you must be knowing, that there is one step more - going beyond enlightenment, and being nothing."

Watch the 26 min. video online or save it (146 MB, right-click and ′save link as′)

Tamo-san came to Poona because she heard Osho′s health was in danger. "I came to give my energy to Osho so that his strength would come back. He can make a big change in the world. I want to make sure that he will be well," she said.

Long time ago (1957), Tamo-san published a book, called Moor The Boat, giving her view on the world situation we are facing right now.

white brotherhood meeting

Read in the Osho Times International of September 1, 1990:

The meeting of the White Robe Brotherhood had an auspicious beginning - born on the full moon of Guru Purnima (see notes below), July 14, 15 and 16, 1989.
That was the first time the White Robe Brotherhood assembled in the presence of its Master, Osho, in Gautama the Buddha Auditorium, Poona. It was to be the beginning of a new, and final phase - the ten minute ′Evening Satsang with the Master′. That night was also Osho′s first appearance since April 10th., when he had given what was to become his last discourse.
Osho was not able to attend the meetings again until the 21st August (with one exception when he came to celebrate the first meditation camp on August 11th.). However he sent a message saying that he loved seeing everyone in the white robes, and that the robes should always be worn when in his presence or when watching the evening discourse video. He said it was important that the robes not be used in any activities of daily life, that there is a mystical gathering of energy into the robes which, day by day as they become older, gather more potential.
"Just putting on the robe you will find yourself moving into the same space each time."
Just before he reappeared in August, Osho sent the following message via Anando:
"Osho has been speaking for thirty years, but very few people have got the message - they simply cling to the words. Now he wants to drop all words. What happens here in these communions is the real message - no words can convey it. He will not be using words but sharing his being with you. It is up to you how deep you can go. After the whole day of meditations, groups and working, these ten minutes will be the climax. What words cannot express, silence can. So this is a greater opportunity than hearing him, it is a melting. These ten minutes of silence, going deeply into yourself, are equal to eternity."
Over the following few nights, Osho sent more messages, describing what was happening at these satsangs:
There are three stages. The first is a wild celebration of energy mounting up to the moment Osho enters the hall and rising even higher when he is there until he sits down. As Osho sits the music continues, but everybody closes their eyes and sits in meditation and communes with him. After ten minutes, three explosive drumbeats are played, and celebration begins again until the music reaches its final crescendo as Osho leaves. With silence you don′t have to understand, just see and feel. Before, (when he was talking), programmed minds were coming in. Now there is no question of the mind. He is simply showering flowers. The Brotherhood gathers together in silence, in music, sharing Osho′s energy. Not a single word is uttered.
Osho has said, "That which cannot be said has to be experienced." This is a great experience of getting into the inner space. Something is experienced in this gathering which no one has been able to define.
Shortly before he left his body, Osho said that the meetings of the Brotherhood were going really well: "The silence is so solid, you can almost touch it." He also said that sannyasins all over the world should have their own Evening Satsang with the Master, every night at 7 pm, their local time.


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