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Witnessing: Last Frontier of a Dual World

osho boarding his planeThe witness, the observer, divides the world into subject and object, into the witness and the witnessed. Therefore as long as there is a witness, duality will continue. Witnessing is the last frontier of the dual world, after which the non-dual begins. But one cannot reach the non-dual without being a witness. To be a witness means that I now give up dividing the world into many. Instead I will divide it into two - the witness and the witnessed. And when I have reduced the many fragments of the world to two, it will not be difficult to come to the complete unity of existence when duality will disappear, when the observer and the observed will become one and the same. If one succeeds in becoming a witness he will soon have glimpses of the one without the other, when there is neither the witness nor the witnessed, but only witnessing.
For example, if I love someone there is one who loves and another who is loved. But if love is real, then moments will come when both the lover and the loved one will disappear, and only the energy of love will abide between the two, connecting them. There will be moments when lovers disappear and only love remains. These are the moments of adwait, the non-dual, moments of unity - the one without the other.
In the same way there are moments of unity in witnessing too, when subject and object disappear and only the witnessing consciousness remains, like an ocean of energy bridging two formless entities - the witness and the witnessed - like two distant sea-shores. The near shore is called the ′I′ and the distant shore the ′thou′, one is the observer and the other the observed. Such moments will come and go.
And when this state achieves its fullness it will abide forever, and then even witnessing will disappear. Then one is settled in intelligence, steadied in wisdom; one is whole.

(Osho - Krishna: The Man and His Philosophy #20)

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