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A Person and a Presence

Have you ever felt the difference between a person and a presence? There are persons who have something around themselves - you can call it presence. For example, if you see Buddha walking, you will be immediately aware that he is not walking like others. In a way he is just like everybody else, but there is something mysterious surrounding him, a kind of presence. You cannot catch hold of it, you cannot measure it, you cannot weigh it, it is very elusive, but it is there.
Sometimes you feel it in ordinary people also: once in a while, you come across a person who has a kind of presence. When he is with you he transforms you just by being there. There are people who will make you sad by their presence, there are people who will make you happy by their presence. They may not have said a single word, but just because they are there, a certain aura, a certain energy-field, surrounds them.
God is an energy-field. So don′t look for his face, he has none. And don′t look for his location, because you cannot locate him. He is like an energy-field. But you can feel it: if you are available, you can feel his presence. And once you have felt his presence, you will know; then you will come across his presence the whole day, in many ways.
The silent tree standing against the sky, and you will see something is present around the tree. In the mountains, the mountains will look very meditative if you have known his presence. In the flowers and in the fragrances you will feel his presence, in the sunset and in the stars. In the eyes of people, in the laughter of a child, in the tears of a prayerful man, you will see the presence.
Presence has to be felt. It needs a silent, meditative, loving heart. You cannot touch it; it is not gross, it is very subtle - the subtlest. But it is there. It is always everywhere.
We live in the presence called God, we live in the ocean of God′s presence. Become a little more sensitive to it. And what are the ways of becoming sensitive? This sutra gives a few keys to you.


Drop the magnifying glass of your ego.


Trust, surrender. He cares for you.


He is constantly healing you from your own sources, from within. Go to the inner well of your being, and from there you will find his nourishment, his constant welling-up energy.


Be true. Drop your masks, your phoniness.


Learn God′s way of knowing - that is innocence.


Be silent, because that is his only language.

(Osho - Unio Mystica, vol.2 #5)