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Energy Darshans

energy darshan

Before beginning the ′energy darshans′, Osho speaks to the mediums...

Three things...

The first:

Two consciousnesses can relate in three ways.
The first way is the way of I-it. That′s how millions of people relate: they reduce the other to a thing. Somebody becomes a husband or a wife; then it is an I-it relationship. Then the other is not respected as a person but used as a commodity. An I-it relationship means a relationship of possession; it is the ugliest relationship. Science functions in the world of I-it, that′s why science cannot believe that there is a soul, that there is God. There are only things, matter; it reduces everything to matter. I-it is the world of the scientist.
The second relationship is of I-thou. That′s how lovers relate. The other is respected, respected tremendously. The other is not reduced to a thing, the other is not used; in fact both enhance each other, both enrich each other.
In the first, the I-it relationship, you take; your whole concern is how to take more and more. In the second, you give; the whole concern is how to give more and more. It is not that by giving you don′t get - you get a thousandfold, but that is a different matter, that is not your motive.
The second is the world of art; the artist lives in the world of I-thou. And many religions of the world, particularly religions born out of Judaism - Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism - have not gone beyond I-thou. Hence they have not been able to develop meditation - only prayer. Prayer is an I-thou relationship; god is the other. Great respect is there, but still the other is the other; there is a separation. There is closeness, but not bridged yet - very close, intimate, but not one yet.
The third relationship is really not a relationship at all. It is very paradoxical; it is neither I-it nor I-thou. The two persons don′t exist in it as two, they start functioning as one. They become one organic unity, they become one orgasmic joy. That′s the state the mystic lives in, and that is the state the meditator tries to attain.
All of my mediums have to attain to the third. With me you have to be in a relationship which is not a relationship at all. So if I put my hand on your head, it is not somebody else′s hand, it is your own hand. And when I put my head on your head it is not somebody else′s head, it is your own head. That feel has to grow. As it grows, you will become more and more open vehicles for my energy. That has to be remembered, then your being mediums will become your great meditation. It will not only be helpful to the guest, to the person who has come for the close-up; it will be a tremendous upsurge in your being too.

The second thing:

This is the beginning of a new phase of work. I will relate many more things to you - many more that you cannot imagine, many more that you have never dreamt about - but the first basic you have to learn before that can be conveyed to you is: let this relationship with me be absolutely exclusive. This has not to become your gossipping.
The temptation will be there, because when you know something and somebody else does not know about it, there is great temptation to play the role of the knower, and to say it. It is a human temptation. But this has to be remembered, that whatsoever transpires between me and you is an absolute secret.
And remember, it is not the matter that is important; the matter may not be important at all. It is your capacity to keep it secret that is important. I may have simply told you that two plus two are four - that is not the point. It is immaterial whether you convey it to somebody or not; that is not the question. The content is not the question, the question is: your capacity of keeping it absolutely to yourself, your not revealing it even to your own spouse, your friend, your lover.
There is an ancient Sufi story....
A man who was a great seeker heard of a mystic who had attained to the ultimate secret But he lived far away in the dark desert and nobody knew the way to him - he hid himself. The man tried: he sold everything that he had, he renounced his family. It took him three years to find the old master. He was utterly happy when he touched the feet of the master, and he said ′So I have come. Now reveal the secret to me.′
The master said ′If you want the secret, then you will have to pay for it.′ He said ′I have nothing left. I have already paid.′ The master said ′No. That is not the question. You have to just be here for three years, utterly silent; not a single word has to be uttered. That will be the payment, and then I will reveal the secret to you.′
The three years were long, living in that desert - nobody else there but the master and the disciple, and the disciple was not allowed to utter a single word. It was really hard; he was going crazy inside, but he waited and waited. Three years passed, and he said to the master ′Now three years have passed: reveal the secret to me.′ The master said ′Now the condition. You have paid, true, but now the condition: you have not to reveal this secret to anybody else, it has to be kept absolutely secret.′ He said ′Agreed - but reveal it to me.′
The master started laughing. He said ′How can I reveal it to you? If you can keep it secret, why can I not keep it secret? In fact my master told me the same thing: "Keep it secret - don′t reveal it to anybody" - and I don′t know what his master said to him. Whether there is any secret or not, that is not the point at all!′
So that is not the point - the content, or any secret - but your capacity to contain it. That you have to remember. If any of you starts gossipping, it is bound to reach me, remember: gossip has wings! And those who do that will automatically be dropped, slowly slowly. The higher work is not for them; they are childish.

And the third thing:

Vivek will be your chief, so you have to listen to her, to whatsoever instructions she gives to you. I have been working on her for seven years; now she is ready.
So you have to surrender to her, you have to listen to her; whatsoever information she conveys to you, you have to follow.
And I am in search of creating a big group of mediums, because as the commune grows I will need much bigger groups of mediums to help people. Thousands are going to come, and they are going to come so fast that you will not be able to manage them!
So remember these three things.

(Osho - Won′t You Join the Dance #27)