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Light on the Path

mabel collins

Mabel Collins was born in Guernsey (Channel islands) in 1851. She was a co-worker of Helena Petrowna Blavatsky for a while. In May 1913 she met Rudolf Steiner in London. She fully recognized Steiners research.
Collins led the Light on The Path lodge of the Theosophical Society together with D.N. Dunlop.
She wrote The Blossom and the Fruit - A True Story of a Black Magician, Idyll of the White Lotus, When the Sun moves Northwards, Light on the Path, The Story of the Year and many other books. Mabel Collins died on March 31 1927 in Gloucester (England).

The book by Mabel Collins, Light on the Path; anybody who wants to travel towards the heights has to understand Light on the Path. It is a small book as far as quantity is concerned, just a few pages, but as far as quality is concerned it is one of the biggest, the greatest books. And, wonder of wonders, it has been written in the modern age. Nobody knows who the author Mabel Collins is. The author never even writes the name Mabel Collins in full, but only M.C. It is just by chance that I have come to know the full name through a few friends of M.C.
Why M.C.? I can understand the reason. The writer is only a vehicle, and more particularly so in the case of Light on the Path. Perhaps the Sufi, Khidr - I have told you about him: the spirit who leads people, guides people, helps people - was behind M.C.′s work too.
M.C. was a Theosophist. He or she would - I don′t know whether the author is a man or woman, it does not matter anyway - or may not have liked to have been guided by Khidr, the Sufi idea of the ultimate guide. But M.C. would be immensely happy if I use the parallel Theosophical name: they call it K.H. Any name will do. What you call it does not matter... Master K.H. or the mystic Khijra, it is all the same. But the book is immensely helpful. Whosoever wrote it, whosoever guided the writer, that′s beside the point; the book itself stands like a golden tower.

(Osho in Books I have Loved #7)

We exist in the body, but there are many holy ones around you who exist in a bodiless state. The human spirit can exist either in a body or in an unembodied form. The unembodied form is still part of the universe; it is still in the world. It has not escaped it; liberation has not yet happened. It is prone to come back, it tends to come back. It simply waits for the right womb.
There are many holy masters existing in an unembodied form who are not absolutely enlightened. When one is absolutely enlightened he disappears from the body and from the form itself. He disappears completely; he dissolves into the world′s source. A Buddha, a Jesus - they dissolve back to the original source. But there are many who are not absolutely enlightened but who have come to know many things, who have realized many beauties, who have realized many truths (but not ′the′ truth). They have realized many, many things and have reached a certain level. They′re not enlightened, but they have reached a certain level. That is why they are called ′the holy ones′. They can be of much help to you. If you are open to them, you can be in contact with them. In theosophy, they are called ′the Masters′.
This book, Light on the Path, was dictated by the Masters to Mabel Collins. The Masters know many secrets that have disappeared from the earth, from the records of humanity, or have been distorted. Or, we just cannot read them because the language is forgotten. It is still not possible to know what is written in the Harappa Mohenjodaro culture. It remains a secret. We know something is written, but what is written we don′t know. The form remains but the keys are lost. We know many scriptures from many cultures, but the language is lost.
These holy ones can reveal many things which go on lasting. They can make us remember. You can have contact with them if you are silent, innocent, moving inward. If you are using your inner senses you can have contact with them and your life can very easily become transformed. You, alone, may take lives to reach the goal, but with these holy ones, you can be helped easily.
And there are many of them. You just need to be open, unafraid, ready to receive the guidance, and the guidance will be given to you. But before you can receive it, you have to prepare yourself in receptivity, in deep receptivity. Through meditation, that receptivity will happen to you. And there is no other way. Only through silence will you become capable of hearing something that comes from the beyond.

(Osho in The New Alchemy: to Turn You On #15)