All that is Valuable in Existence

Beloved Osho, outside, then inside - beauty, utter beauty. Is there more?

osho on nobodiness

There is no end to it. There is infinitely more. You cannot exhaust it. But one condition has to be remembered: you should not ask for it. You should not seek it - because it comes on its own. It is not a desire from your side. Desire kills it. It is the abundance of existence that simply goes on flowing towards you, if you are available.
Just remain available, and there will be more and more and more. But from your mind, the idea of getting more has to be dropped entirely. The moment you ask for more, there will be less. If you become too ambitious, there is every possibility you will lose it completely.
So it is a slightly delicate matter. You keep your doors and windows open and enjoy whatsoever happens. And so much happens that you cannot conceive more is possible. But when more happens, you will be surprised. And this more goes on happening.
But remember the word "happening". It is nothing like an effort, a plan, a project on your part. You have to be just an empty receiver. Just as water flows downwards towards the ocean... beauty, truth, love - all that is valuable in existence - flows towards a person who is nobody.

(Osho - From the False to the Truth #19)