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The Witness, the Inner Voice

Find out the witness and then obey him. First find out and then obey him - because to find out the witness means to find out one′s innermost core.
We live on two layers, two levels, one is the periphery, the world of action; the other is the inner being, the world of being, not of action, the world of existence, not of doing. All that we do is on the periphery, and all that we are is in the center. Continuously, we have to move from the center to the periphery to do something. Whenever you are doing, you are on the periphery; whatsoever you are doing, you are on the periphery.
When you are non-doing, not doing anything, then you are in the center. Witnessing is a non-act, meditation is a non-act. We are doing [Dynamic] meditation... for thirty minutes you are on the periphery - you are doing something: breathing, catharsis, the "hoo" mantra; you are doing something, you are on the periphery.
When I say suddenly, "stop!" I mean: now be in the non-act, non-doing. When you suddenly stop, you are thrown from the periphery to the being, to the innermost center - because when you are not doing anything you are not needed on the periphery. You need to be on the periphery only while you are doing something. Now, you are thrown back to your center. That center is your witness.
Once you know this center, once you recognize this center, once you have felt this center - follow the orders. You will be directed, you have found your master. Now follow whatsoever is said to you from the center, and don′t listen to the periphery. Because periphery is cultivated by others; your center is untouched, it is virgin, it is from the divine and the periphery comes from the society.
That′s why we say that a sannyasin goes beyond society, not against society, goes beyond society, because now he follows his own innermost center. He′s not following anyone else; all orders from others are meaningless now. You have found your own inner being, and now that being can direct you. That being is more infinitely stronger and wiser than thyself. The ′you′ on the periphery is a weakling, the ′you′ on the center is infinitely potent. The ′you′ on the periphery is just a worldly thing, the ′you′ on the center is god himself.
So first find out. Jesus has said, "First seek ye the Kingdom of God, then all else shall follow." First seek ye the Kingdom of God, and then all else shall follow. Don′t bother about other things. First find out the innermost core of the Kingdom of God, and then you need not worry about anything - all else will follow. You just follow the inner voice...

(Osho - The New Alchemy: To Turn You On #10)

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